Hosting for Artists

Here are some web hosts that specialize in hosting for artists. These are web hosts who understand the needs of artists and can help with the technical details.

smallGod webHosting

Here is a review from a smallGod customer:

I’ve made many websites in the past, and on a couple of occasions, I tried to install indexhibit. Unfortunately, I could never figure it out. Thanks to smallGod, Indexhibit installation was so easy, and I could focus on getting my website up quickly. It is an invaluable resource for artists, who want to focus more on getting their work out there, as opposed to worrying about coding and databases etc. In addition, I love to support the little man, as opposed to some faceless corporate hosting company. JP has always been really helpful with issues or questions that I’ve had. I recommend smallGod to any creatives looking for hosting. Trust me, it’s awesome!!

…and another:

I joined smallGod community several months ago and had nothing but excellent experience since then. I receive immediate response to all my inquiries, and the administrators have always been polite and helpful. I hope to maintain this relationship for a long time!

If you are looking to install Indexhibit, smallGod has an automatic installer which does all the work for you! Here are the details.

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